Knockout Competition


Coming Soon!

All league anglers will be able to enter a knockout style competition. Competitions will start on the first Friday of the month. All anglers wanting to compete need to be signed up prior to the start.

Anglers will be given two weeks (including two complete weekends) to enter a catch return. Only catch returns that are entered by league members are valid for the competition. All catch returns MUST have associated story, image, and be verified by email by an external party to qualify.

At the end of the two week period, only catch pdf returns that have an associated image, story, and verified by email by an external party to qualify and considered a 'valid' fish.

The top 64 fish as measured by 'league points' will be selected to go into round two. Round two starts on the next Friday and runs for two weeks. At the end of this period the the top 32 of the 64 go through. Then 16... 8... 4..2.. and finally the winner!

This is intended to be a quarterly contest.

Lookout for more details coming!