Walleye love Jerks!

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Walleye love jerks!

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No I'm not talking about your buddy Steve that gets on your nerves! I'm talking about minnow style stick baits. Especially early spring and fall when the walleye are relatively shallow. There's something about this style bait that gets the eyes all riled up! My thoughts are that the profile and action of these lures match closely to their preferred forage which in most cases are different types of baitfish.

 What jerkbait should I use?

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Pictured above from top to bottom- Rapala Shadow Rap, Rapala Husky Jerk, Rapala Flat Rap, Spro McStick 110

To answer this question it is not so simple, but the way I decide what style to use is judging by what type of shoreline or cover you are fishing... Early and late season in the north of Ontario you can primarily find the walleye in 1-10 feet of water. When fishing shallow weeds I've found that the Rapala Husky Jerk and Flat Rap can be deadly early and late season baits due to the fact you can retrieve them just above the vegetation.

                                                           Shawn - image 3.png

When working a rocky shoreline or an area with a bit more depth, I've found the Lucky Craft Pointer and Rapala X-Raps to be very productive. Whether casting or trolling these baits produce day after day. Many times when casting I use a constant twitch pause method having most strikes occur on the pause. A bonus to throwing this style bait early season is the pike LOVE them too, so you may want to use some form of mono, titanium or wire leader as to not lose your favourite jerkbait or possibly a trophy northern.

So next time you're on the lake in early spring chasing some gold try being a jerk and you may consider using one more often!

Shawn McLaughlin


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