Second trip of 2015 in search Big Pike

Richard Handel
Created 3 years 345 days ago
by Richard Handel

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I am out for a few hour’s today, on the hunt for that big pike, who is hiding in this lake.  I am going to be as mobile as much as I can with the weather as it is today (wintery showers).


All set up in my first swim.  I will be dead baiting today with mackerel and herring,  I do have some trout with me, I generaly save these for the river.  However, its always worth a go.
The water is the colour of mud as we have had so much rain over the past week.


Kettle is on

I have had a dropped take already.  These fish are so switched on.  I was free lining and the line got hooked up a bit, enough for the rod tip to knock and that was that, the pike was off Scott free.


Anyway, can’t say a lot, but there are some real idiots out there. I thought it best to go home.

Richard - 

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