Pike trip #2 2014

Richard Handel
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by Richard Handel

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I haven’t tried pike fishing on this lake for a long time.  I normally bring a bit of carp kit as I inevitably spot some carp.  This time I thought I should just take pike tackle as I have taken notice of the reports, saying that there are large pike hiding in here.


Nice misty start to today.  I am feeling on one rod and legering on the other, with a big plastic run ring to keep the resistance down.  These fish will drop the bait if they feel a thing.
I forgot to bring smaller bank sticks, oh well, at least it saves my back as I don’t need to bend over to pick the rod’s up today.
Looks like I am back in the 80’s fishing!


It must be Winter as the Robins are out demanding food.
My aim is to move swim every 2-3 hours today and hopefully locate some fish.


Moved swim now, as I spotted a pike strike from the far side.  I now have one rod under a lovely overhanging tree and the other along the margin, also by some snags.

Completely out of the blue my right had rod was off, not a slow take at all.  I quickly ran to the rods and hit into a hard fighting fish.  When this finally was in the net, it tipped the scales at 14-10. Do me.


I was not sure if I should move, as the pike I had spotted was where I had put the other rod.
After 30 minutes I knew it was time to move on again.


One rod was put along the front of the reeds and the other was dropped over the front of the swim, as this normally a good hide away spot for them.  Each time I set up, I always put a couple of handfuls of pellets over the top, to help the small fry into the area I want.

I had an aborted take, which was frustrating and after another hour, I moved to my last swim of the day, in the hope of catching another pike.  There are plenty if features in this swim, so we will see, what happens.


It’s 1600 and dispite my best tempt to tempt the pike (which was in the dying lily pads) to eat my half mackerel and herring


Well it’s now 1630, the sun has gone down and oh boy the temperature has dropped a lot.  I had no more fish, just a dropped take.  It was time for to be off.

Till next time

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