Trip No 1 for Pike (2014)

Richard Handel
Created 4 years 42 days ago
by Richard Handel

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Trip 1

It’s November and I thought to myself, its about time I got the Pike rod’s out again.  Today, I have a guest with me and so being a fishing gentleman, I have given him the choice of swim and section of the river.  Plus, it would be a good opportunity for me to start looking for some nice Pike fishing areas, the water levels have gone up after all this rain.  I did wonder if I should have taken the barbel kit instead.



Both rod’s were placed in a nice slow part of the river, where the Pike would lay up for a rest and so would the bait fish.
My bait choices today are between Mackerel, Herring and small Trout.  I have also brought along my plug box along as well.


The sun is finally making some progress with the fog slowly.


It would be nice to warm up a bit before the rain arrives back later.

Well, I have been up and down the river, with no luck and this is still looking like my best option and the rain on it’s way.  I have pitched up where I started this morning, for the last 3 hours or so.


Unfortunately, no joy today.  I will be back again after the Pike soon.

Till next time

Richard Handel - 

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