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Shawn McLaughlin - Featured Angler

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by Marty

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Marty here. The first time I heard from Shawn was by message on the World Angling League facebook page. Shawn shared with us a dozen or so extremely impressive fish, which of course was all too happy to share with the community! Turns out this was but the very tip of the Iceberg. Shawn has since shared with me close to 200 pictures of different fish he has caught. 

Any of these would be considered 'trophy size' by his peers, across a number of different species. During our communications with Shawn it became obvious that he not only has a passion for angling similar to my own - but with the experience only very seasoned guides will have! It is with great pleasure we are able to highlight Shawn as our very first 'featured angler', and share some of his passion. Read his words below:

                                                                  Shawn McLaughlin pike 34.jpg

"What is passion? Well my interpretation is a love for something that is never dying. Something you don't just simply do, but immerse yourself in it. This is how I feel about fishing. It's the waking up at 5AM and taking off into the sunrise. It's the calm flat days where the only disturbance is fish exploding on baitfish or seeing your target and making that perfect cast. The spotting a big fish come out of nowhere and smashing your bait boatside. Fishing into the sunset and enjoying everything that nature has to offer. 


                        Shawn McLaughlin bass a1.jpg                          Shawn McLaughlin Musky a4.jpg                          Shawn McLaughlin walleye a3.jpg

These are just some of the factors that make me the passionate angler I am today. My name is Shawn McLaughlin and I reside in Windsor, ON. I grew up fishing with my parents while camping and fell in love with the sport instantly! From there on I started fishing the shores of the Detroit River. Catching perch, rock bass and the occasional largemouth my interest and love for the sport only grew. From then on I started reading any books/material I could get my hands on to make myself a better angler and as years passed and the internet came into play my wealth of knowledge only multiplied and shaped me to become the well versed angler I am today. 


                                                                        Shawn McLaughlin Musky 58.jpg

The bodies of water I've had the pleasure of fishing include but are not limited to the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, Niagara River, Port Dhalousie, Georgian Bay, Eagle Lake, Gunisao Lake, St Lawrence River and the Credit River to name some. I've spent a few seasons guiding on Eagle Lake, ON and also in Manitoba at Budds Gunisao Lake Lodge. Working as a guide was a great experience allowing me to learn even more and add further tools to my arsenal. Sharing my knowledge and creating memories for people who share the same love for the sport was probably one of the most rewarding things I've done. 


                                                                                  Shawn McLaughlin pike 29.jpg

The species I target are pike, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, perch, crappie, walleye, trout, salmon and my personal favourite MUSKY! Some of my accomplishments are top 5 finish Smallmouth Bass tourney 2010 1st place Skunked Fall Brawl Musky Tourney 2014 1st place from shore category in the Annual Musky Challenge and 2nd place overall. I aspire to fish more tournaments for musky, bass and walleye in the near future. I've written a few articles one of which was named Fall Esox Assault on fishing for fall muskies for the website Esox Only. I plan to open my own guide service down the road and look forward to continuing to share my passion and knowledge with others."

You can find Shawn at Facebook and Instagram

Shawn McLaughlin Musky 58.jpg  Shawn McLaughlin pike 29.jpg  Shawn McLaughlin pike 34.jpg  Shawn McLaughlin bass a1.jpg  Shawn McLaughlin walleye a3.jpg  Shawn McLaughlin Musky a4.jpg 

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