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Lake Windermere, BC, for Bass

Created 5 years 85 days ago
by Marty

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This Canada Day (June 1st) I was on holiday, staying at the Fairmont Hotsprings Resort. It's a great place to relax - and the hotsprings pool is great. The Canada day celebrations were fantastic, and the live entertainment was from Dean Ray. He was playing classic rock from the 60's, 70's and 80's, and was an awesome evening entertainment. The fireworks that night were also particularly good!


                          Canada day fireworks.jpg


Unfortunately the same cant be said for my results fishing! I did get out onto the water for a few hours - and learned a few lessons in the process. There were a lot of people out on the water enjoying their sports boats - speeding up and down the lake, and generally having a good time. The wake they left played havoc with my small aluminum boat - and every time the waves hit me broad side, it felt like I was going to be capsized! I learned that if I want to do some of the larger Canadian lakes - I really need a bigger boat.

                          Marty fishing.jpg


With the threat (probably more imagined than real) of being dunked, I headed closer to shore and fished a top water lure on some lilies and other weeds. The weather was fantastic, and I gave it a couple of hours before heading to the dock. I also found out that my little electric motor was not always kicking in when I turned the tiller speed control. Going to need to invest in a new one. The one I have is 18lb's of thrust, and I am looking for something more in the 40 to 55lb range.


                          Weeds bass fishing.jpg

Next trip is off to Jasper national park in Alberta to fish Pyramid Lake for Lake Trout, and Talbot Lake for Northern Pike.

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