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A 12hr night session

Created 5 years 96 days ago
by carper01

Hi fellow anglers my name is Colin mcgurk , I am originally from Glasgow, Scotland I now lie on Hull England. I am 32 years old and a father to 4 kids and 2 step kids. 

I have been fishing since I was a young lad I like to fish for all species of coarse fish I,e carp bream roach Rudd IDE chub barble pike and perch, but my target fish is carp my current PB'S are 28lb mirror and 23lb common  carp I have target fish to catch from one of my local lakes 30lb ghost common big bruits lovely fish. 

This year I have been in 2 magazines carp talk and anglers mail and 1 online publication magazine talking carp. 

I am a team member with  J Precision Hooks, Hardcore carper clothing,  and  catch productions intelligent  angling solutions with some top quality from all the company's which keep me putting carp on the bank and looking good while doing it  lol. 

Not much more I can tell you all about myself  other than I love to fish and and my family  and till we meet on the bank tight lines and wet nets  


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Here's my catch report from a 12hr over night session which landed me this beautiful near fully scaled ghost mirror at 14 lbs and five other carp from 9lb to 16 lb. all caught on a J Precision hooks size6 widegape  after arriving late at fosse hill fisheries lake 1 me and my friend mike setup just before darkness fell while setting up I noticed a couple of carp showing over in at the right hand margin so I walked around and lightly placed my lead and bait being an 18mm single bottom bait and a catch products small pva stick of active krill stick mix.

I walked the rod back to the pod and sunk the line I cast the second rod out a few feet off right hand side if the bank and same again sunk the line as I was setting up a surface setup. My right hand rod ripped off and in come a lovely 13lb 8oz common so same again the rod was walked out to the  same place with a hand full of free boilies around it rod was back on the rest and again. Within 20 minutes the rod was off again and in again a common at just over 16lb rod was back out finely set for the night in the bivvy talking away and just after 12 the rod went again screening off lifted into it and felt the fish in the suddenly it felt like it come off. I started reeling in as fast as I could then suddenly it was off again it was still in five minutes later as I slipped it over the net. I seen the darkness of its face but the brightest flanks I've ever seen I said its a ghosti as it put it in the mat it was just glowing so treat it with some carp care, bucket of water slowly over it and put it in the sling to weight 14lb 10oz. 


This really is the best looking fish I have landed fish went back rid went back and in to the bivvy for some sleep, five minutes later the left hand rod dropped back so I ran to it and in again a little 9lb common. Rod back went back out with a few scattered boilies and back to sleep I went 4:40 in the morning the right hand rod went again so I run staggering to the rods pulled into it and in come this cracking dark mirror at just over 11lb. That was it for the rest of the action for me but what a great 12hrs with one special looking carp on the bank till next time tight lines and wet nets

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