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Grandsons First All Nighter

Created 5 years 116 days ago
by Santa

57 yr old Englishman with a passion for carp angling

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Tuesday May 31st.


It was 7:30am, and I was on my way to pick up my 9 yr old grandson for his first ever all nighter.  Then we went and collected my son, and off we went to our members only lake for 24 hrs. We got there at about 9:30am, and had a look around for the best spot, so we set up camp.  It was now noon, and only just getting the rods in the water, but here was for a hopeful 24hrs.

The first carp came along about 2 hrs later, and it was on Callums rod, after playing it for several minutes, he finally got it on the bank,, and suddenly his pb went from 3.5 lb to 11 lb, we were so happy for him, plus he was grinning from ear to ear lol.

My son was doing some surface fishing, as the carp were coming to the top, but I stayed on the bottom.  He did well, pulling in about 10 during the 24hrs, but that evening, Callums rod was off again, this one was giving him a much harder fight, so we knew it was bigger, and sure enough, it weighed in at 13.8 lb, only 8oz behind Grandads pb lol.

Through the night was no different, my left hand rod screamed off at 2:10am, and this was putting up one hell of a fight.  It had taken a bit of line, so I was having to work to get it in.... but no.... it had other ideas,, after about 5 mins, it decided to become a gymnast, it did a double somersault and a twist, and out popped the hook, to say I was devastated was an understatement, as we estimated that it was about 25 lb, 11 lb more than my pb.

With that, we went back to sleep, that is until 4:50am, when callums right hand reel started screaming.  Up we jumped again, and I grabbed the rod as I was first there, and started to play it,, at this time, Callum turned up, so handing him the rod, he immediately realised this was heavier with an OH MY GOD help lol.  And, just like mine, it was, splash, splash, splosh and it was gone.  We thought it must have been the same one that got away from me, #devastated. That was it, we were awake, so coffee was made and breakfast cooked.

We were only fishing up until lunchtime, as the following day I was going into hospital for a minor operation.

Anyway, I still hadn't caught anything, and at 10:30am guess what happened, yep, the little sods rod was off again, but we soon realised he really did need help on this one.  So there I was holding onto him, and explaining how to bring it in, and after about 10 mins, he managed to get it to the bank, where his Uncle Scott netted it for him.

He was shattered but also excited, so we quickly unhooked it, and weighed it.... he's only gone and beat me, by landing a 15 lb 3 oz mirror carp, now I'm devastated. Of course, there was no chance of wiping that smile off his face anytime soon. 

                                  Ian plover grandson Callum.jpg


Upon the usual phone calls to his mother and grandmother, they were proud of him, but here came the best bit for him.... they started saying that he was now better than grandad as his pb is higher than mine lol.

I will leave it there for now, and hope to keep you updated on his exploits as they happen


Tight Lines everyone.

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