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Stalk those River Beast’s

Katch Bullet
Created 5 years 131 days ago
by Katch Bullet

Where did it all start, I started my fishing chronicles I’d say when I was about 10 or 11.It was something I just got into my self. I started with just a reel and no rod and what little money I had I would buy my little pack of hooks size 18 and a few weights and floats,and if I could not afford maggots from the local (Harrys fishing tackle shop) I would use bread or elder berrys from the trees’s.I would cycle for ages just to catch a few roach or perch and the odd pike when it would chase the little fish I  caught.And then when I hit secondary school I basically forgot about fishing some how.Then when I got into my early twentys a light clicked in my head and I was like,Oh yeah Fishing.So hooked up with a couple of mates who invited me to my first carp trip.I think it was a yately lake and I did not sleep all night 🙂 but nothing as I expected.So we went to a day ticket water Holme Grange Fishery and boom I was hooked on my first Carp..And so it all Started.Tackle was brought I was all geared up.Haveing done the basics with normal course fishing I felt confident in targeting bigger fish as that is where you really learn the skills.I flitterd between lakes and ponds until I stumbled apon Farlows lake round about 1991.First time I arrived I loved it,it was a lake I could turn up at anytime of day or night,plus its full of fetures and really wild to wet all carpers appetites.To be honest I basically lived their spending at least 5 to 6 days a week there.I was there so much the bailiff would turn up and just wave instead of charging me as I had become part of the bank side :).But as soon rules changed and they put a lock on the gate it was no place for me as my fishing hours are dictated by me not by a lake.And as other lakes are like this,If you don’t turn up by certain times you can’t come in I was a Headless Chicken.So out with the girlfriend one day I stumbled on a Mate fishing the River around 2005 -2006.And then that’s when my Crusade on the Rivers Started.It took me tho 3 to 4 years to crack the Code of the River but when I did crack it it all fell into place.Now I am confident everytime I fish the Thames and its accessible anytime of day For some of the Best fighting and Looking carp in the Country. Thumb Up Thumb Down Thumb Up: 1 Thumb Down: 0

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Don’t be afraid of just walking the banks searching for those river gems.Alot of the time I will spend all day just walking and checking spots up and down the River.Like this beauty here.I was doing the usual and walking the Thames when all of a sudden as I peeped through the bushes 2 big Carp Cruising this same little area.I watched them for about 20 minutes and they were staying put,So I trickled a bit of bait in and was like (Oh yes we gonna have something now I can feel it.So just out of sight I hooked up one rod with a Tutti Frutti snowman and waited for them to swim off the spot and gently lowered it on the baited area.I don’t not take them long to come back and I sat waiting for that run but after 20 minutes I knew I had to just sit my arse down and just relax and wait.So I hooked the chair up sat back and Shut my eyes.Sure enough a hour later we are in.I caught the smaller of the Two even tho the other Carp did carry on feeding I just could not get a bite from it :(.




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  • Santa 5 years 128 days ago
    Wtg mate,, heard there was carp in the Thames, but never saw one
    • Katch Bullet 5 years 121 days ago
      Yep there's a few in there.