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What a Fight for this Fish…

Katch Bullet
Created 5 years 139 days ago
by Katch Bullet

Where did it all start, I started my fishing chronicles I’d say when I was about 10 or 11.It was something I just got into my self. I started with just a reel and no rod and what little money I had I would buy my little pack of hooks size 18 and a few weights and floats,and if I could not afford maggots from the local (Harrys fishing tackle shop) I would use bread or elder berrys from the trees’s.I would cycle for ages just to catch a few roach or perch and the odd pike when it would chase the little fish I  caught.And then when I hit secondary school I basically forgot about fishing some how.Then when I got into my early twentys a light clicked in my head and I was like,Oh yeah Fishing.So hooked up with a couple of mates who invited me to my first carp trip.I think it was a yately lake and I did not sleep all night 🙂 but nothing as I expected.So we went to a day ticket water Holme Grange Fishery and boom I was hooked on my first Carp..And so it all Started.Tackle was brought I was all geared up.Haveing done the basics with normal course fishing I felt confident in targeting bigger fish as that is where you really learn the skills.I flitterd between lakes and ponds until I stumbled apon Farlows lake round about 1991.First time I arrived I loved it,it was a lake I could turn up at anytime of day or night,plus its full of fetures and really wild to wet all carpers appetites.To be honest I basically lived their spending at least 5 to 6 days a week there.I was there so much the bailiff would turn up and just wave instead of charging me as I had become part of the bank side :).But as soon rules changed and they put a lock on the gate it was no place for me as my fishing hours are dictated by me not by a lake.And as other lakes are like this,If you don’t turn up by certain times you can’t come in I was a Headless Chicken.So out with the girlfriend one day I stumbled on a Mate fishing the River around 2005 -2006.And then that’s when my Crusade on the Rivers Started.It took me tho 3 to 4 years to crack the Code of the River but when I did crack it it all fell into place.Now I am confident everytime I fish the Thames and its accessible anytime of day For some of the Best fighting and Looking carp in the Country. Thumb Up Thumb Down Thumb Up: 3 Thumb Down: 0

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The one Thames Carp that I will never forget ,and my best Fought capture was this baby.After getting a run about 1 am in the morning ,it screamed of and boom I hit into what I knew was a good fish.But after ten minutes of playing it all went stiff and tight.Dam snagged on something.At this time I was in my 22ft Cruiser so taking the boat out while playing a fish in main flow was not top of the list for me,But after 5 mins of nothing and no movement there was no other option :(.


So we get out slowly to where the fish is snagged and with some nifty boat control I reach down the side of the boat and its a big branch.I managed to free it and fish on,So I’m now playing this fish while controlling the steering and Revs of the boat 🙁and what happens Snagged again.By this time I’m thinking (I’m gonna loose this Fish)but in all these situations there is no rush and just keep your cool.So once again get to the snag another branch but was not moveing.So while keeping the 22ft boat under revs straight in the flow I reach down and have a feel where the line is ,Snap,Snap,Snap we brake of some branches and we free again.By this time I’m really panicking now thinking its gonna come off for shure.But after 35 minutes or so I finally slip the net under it and Drive back to Shore.Out of all my River Carp this is the one of my best fish and the one that made it all worth the while.


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  • Marty 5 years 131 days ago
    Agreed! Phenomenal Carp! Katch Bullet focuses on Rivers, particularly the Thames. Read his blogs, and catch his other images. Fantastic!
  • Erica 5 years 132 days ago
    Nice Carp