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Hi, I'm Marty - site admin for World Angling League. I am an avid angler, and enjoy many types of fishing - and find it fascinating how many different ways there are to fish across the planet. I think all anglers are going to have a lot of fun on this website. I know I cant wait to get bragging rights on my buddies - and some of them don't even live in Canada! 

I originally had the idea of making a small google 'mashup' to keep track of my personal catch returns. The point being that I could start to spot some patterns on the lakes, rivers, and type of species I was targeting. The idea grew legs, and before you knew it I wanted to be able to see what my friends were catching. I wanted to read about it. I wanted to see the pictures. See the locations. I wanted to be able to see how my Northern Pike in Canada was competing against my friends in the UK with Carp - and also friends in the US with Bass.

Well, after much planning and coding - and more than the odd beer - we are finally approaching the day of launch. It is going to be fantastic to see the league ladders light up, and have buddies compete against buddies. Region against region, and country against country. We have developed trophies for over 200 species so far, with more to come. I am targeting Brown trout and Chinook this year - so look to see my name on one of the top 4 of these!


World Angling League is going to be a great place to provide and read content on all aspects of our hobby. It will allow anyone, anywhere, of any age, to compete on equal footing against other anglers - with an almost endless species of fish to target. It will allow collaboration and learning to take place in a variety of ways. There are forums for many individual countries, and the ability for 'clubs' to have their own distinct 'members' list - with a dedicated forum for larger groups.

World Angling League will be bringing the two worlds of 'Angling' and 'Gaming' together to allow friendly competitions amongst friends, individuals against their region, country or the world. It will allow drill down on Country standings. National pride is at stake! We are really looking forward to seeing the competitions begin!

                Top 100 by species.jpg

             All data in image above from test data - and does not represent actual fish size (I wish!)

Come join us on facebook to find out the latest!

Content. Compete. Collaborate.

Tight Lines my friends!


wheredoyoufish.jpg  Top 100 by species.jpg 

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